ImaHima Develops PayMe Billing Gateway


ImaHima, Inc., a leading developer and provider of online and mobile platform interactive gaming and Japan's provider of Habbo Hotel (the world's fastest-growing online community teen game with over 19 million subscribers and partnerships with MTV, Sony Music, and other leading media companies) has developed a MICROPAYMENTS GATEWAY that offers a comprehensive CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION for any company that operates in the growing online and mobile commerce and content subscription businesses.

The CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION allows content and e-commerce oriented businesses to improve their performance in a key area related to operations, namely to accept, verify, and clear payments from all accepted sources in the market based on the preference of the customer. This is a unique opportunity that leads to increased customer satisfaction by enhancing the customer's ease-of-use and ease of purchase. The new CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION incorporates traditional payment options such as konbini and credit card payments as well as newer forms of payment such as prepaid cards and electronic money from sources ranging from ISPs to edy that are growing in popularity and use. Its graphical user interface can be tailored to the specific needs of the business.

“We now have a solution for companies that want to offer literally every possible payment method for their customers,” explained company President Neeraj Jhanji. “It is well-known that offering every possible method of payment acceptance—from konbini to credit card to electronic money to everything else in-between such a PayPal—will increase customer satisfaction, reduce delinquencies, improve buy-through rates, encourage higher volumes of transactions, and ultimately improve the bottom line. Japanese companies offering interactive media, gaming, mobile and other broadband-delivered products are now understanding the value of giving their customers every possible choice in terms of paying.”

Businesses are already adopting the CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION in droves. Customers to the Official Harry Potter mobile site, for example, are offered the opportunity to pay for membership and screen savers and other content through a variety of options. “Subscribers increased for them when they offered the solution,” explains Jhanji. “We also offer it ourselves through Habbo Hotel, and since we have given our customers the option of paying in a manner of their convenience and creating an entire array of choices for them, Japan has become the highest ARPU market in the world for Habbo Hotel.”

The CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION can be implemented in any environment by ImaHima and its staff of engineers, with full systems integration services offered. “This product is required by all businesses in the growing interactive media space,” explained Director of Business Development Randy McGraw. “It is particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses that are growing, or that need to manage larger volumes of transactions from their customers, many of whom have different preferences for how to pay for their products and services. Most of these companies do not have the in-house expertise to manage or develop this functionality themselves, but there is an increasing realization by many of these marketing and content-driven businesses that commercial success requires them to pay greater attention to operations and customer service, and this means billing systems.”

The company targets 25 new clients per quarter to their MICROPAYMENTS GATEWAY and CUSTOMER BILLING SOLUTION, an ambitious target that Jhanji believes is attainable. “The rapid growth in the interactive media and on-line gaming sector is going to create our clients for us,” he explains. “No one we have visited so far has told us no. And the price is quite reasonable, making a short payback period used to cover the investment.”

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