ImaHima Announces the Launch of a Mobile CMS


ImaHima, Inc., a leading developer and provider of online and mobile platform interactive gaming and Japan’s provider of Habbo Hotel Ô (the world”s fastest-growing online community teen game with over 19 million subscribers and partnerships with MTV, Sony Music, and other leading media companies) has developed a MOBILE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYTEM (MCMS) that offers a comprehensive software solution to any company that provides end-user services or content in the growing mobile and 3G mobile business space.

The MCMS assists mobile-oriented businesses with their common challenge of supporting the differing layout and media formats of the hundreds of different handsets in the market today. The MCMS is a publishing platform to which a business’ content can be uploaded in neutral format and allow it to be converted based on the handset specifications. This makes the task of creation and maintenance of the mobile site quite easy.

The software was designed with the specific needs of Japan’s mobile platform publisher in mind, and includes

  • A proprietary publishing system to easily publish and maintain mobile content sites compatible with all 3 carriers;
  • Enhancement for speed and ease of maintenance, with schedulable auto-updates
  • Modular, scalable architecture
  • Graphics converter tool to auto-format and resize images to hundreds of phone models
  • Database of mobile handset properties to ensure highest optimization
  • Auto-detection of handset type and selection of appropriate content type
  • Integration with carriers’ billing systems and subscriber databases
  • Management and reporting tools such as sound download counts and user support tools
  • Tools for sending newsletters and mail magazines for user retention
  • Ability to manage the sale of merchandise (m-commerce)

This new MCMS developed by ImaHima for the Japan market allows mobile content and e-commerce oriented businesses to improve their performance in time to market, in managing change and new projects, in reducing errors, and in maximizing the number of customers to which content can reach. “This solution will really improve performance in the content development and updating process,” explained company President Neeraj Jhanji. “It is a necessity, it is easy to use, employees and developers will like it because it is comprehensive and enhances speed and organization. Business managers will like it because it reduces cost and increases content reach.” Japanese companies offering interactive media, gaming, mobile and other broadband-delivered products are now understanding the value of reducing cost and development errors, giving their employees better project management and organizational tools, and watching these benefits translate to a better bottom line.

The MCMS can be implemented in any environment, and ImaHima licenses the product at very reasonable rates. “This product can be used effectively by any business in the growing mobile space,” explained CEO Neeraj Jhanji. “It is particularly useful for small to medium-sized content providers, or providers that offer multiple content properties that they need to track and update. The universe of potential clients is growing with the expansion of more content providers into the mobile space. The growth of 3G will also fuel the need for this kind of project management tool.”

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