Habbo Hotel Customer Base Exceeds 475,000 Users


ImaHima, Inc., a leading interactive media company, provider of online and mobile platform interactive gaming, and Japan’s owner of Habbo Hotel (the world’s fastest-growing online community teen game with over 22 million subscribers globally and partnerships with MTV, Universal Music, Nike, P&G, US movie studios, and other leading global media and consumer brand companies) announces that the Habbo Hotel customer base in Japan has now exceeded 475,000 unique users, a major milestone in the Japan market and in the history of the company.

Habbo Hotel is an online interactive gaming environment which teenagers around the world can enter, create special characters called Habbos, navigate in a variety of rooms, make friends, practice and develop their social interaction skills, and have fun in a safe, comfortable and attractive surrounding. It is easy to register and join the community interaction with other Habbos and the game is easily accessible by anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. Over 22 million teens and young adults around the world are playing on a regular basis.

“By any measure, this is a major accomplishment,” explained Neeraj Jhanji, President of the Japan operation. “In just over 2 years, mostly through word-of-mouth and some basic internet marketing, we have grown from 0 to over 475,000 unique registered users. And the growth curve continues to accelerate. The teenage and early 20s market in Japan clearly likes non-violent, casual gaming, with a community look and feel, that everyone can enjoy. Its amazing how the platform feels just like interacting with your community of friends, done in a rich graphical setting, complete with gaming elements and social interaction. Its no wonder this age demographic is not watching TV anymore.”

Marketing partners around the globe are finding their own rewards and happiness inside the hotel. Gamers represent a captive and targeted audience, sometimes spending over 5 hours in the game during which time they are exposed to and have the opportunity to interact with major brands such as MTV and with film brands such as “Shrek” which was promoted inside the hotel.

Even celebrities are getting in the mix! Celebrities of all types are making “appearances” inside Habo Hotel to interact with their fans. At a recent event held in Habbo Hotel Germany and sponsored by Nike, for example, over 12,000 fans of NBA great Dirk Nowitzki gathered in a special room designed for the event called “Ready to Dunk?” in which they got an opportunity to talk to the legend himself. They even got to “see” the legend via a special interactive avatar created for the event, an animated facsimile of the player himself.

“We will conduct the same value-added, community-oriented activities for our 475,000 users in Japan,” explained VP of Business Development Randy McGraw. “We are excited to develop this sort of community building platform and socially responsible gaming environment for both our customers and for commercial sponsors. It’s a product that is responsive to its userbase, and in many ways directly defined by its userbase. Its no wonder that Habbo community members prefer to engage in a never-ending story that they are creating rather than watch 1-way TV or a story they have seen a dozen times already.”

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